Terms and Conditions

snapspace is a “web” and “app” service that allows car owners “drivers” to obtain convenient and reasonably priced parking from space owners “hosts.”

Using snapspace you will be agreeing to the following terms & conditions:

  • 1. This includes, but is not limited to the snapspace webpage www.snapspaceofficial.com or any of our affiliated apps. These items are referred to as “services” offered by snapspace.
  • 2. snapspace is a California Based Corporation owned by Opulence Group Inc.
  • 3. This Terms & Conditions includes all procedures and policies from snapspace. This will be referenced as “snapspace policies”
  • 4. You understand and acknowledge the Terms & Conditions, among other things, including liability and arbitration provisions and indemnity provisions containing a class action waiver.
  • 5. You acknowledge that snapspace does not perform background checks and agree that by using our website, app or any of our affiliates will be at your own risk.
  • 6. snapspace reservices the right to make any changes necessary to our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy without giving notice to the User.
  • 7. You reservice the right to not agree to our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy.
  • 8. Considering you don’t agree to our Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy your plan of action needs to be deleting your account so you no longer have access to our services.


“Host” is defined as any Registered User or User offering or Listing a Space for Drivers to use “Driver” is defined as any Registered User or User using the snapspace service to find a space “Space” is defined as an available location offered by a host. “Reservation” is defined as a transaction made with snapspace which allows the Driver to rent a Space from the Host. “Listing” is defined as a Space offered by a Host “Registered User” or “User” is defined as a member utilizing the snapspace service.

Limitation of Liability:

  • 1. Snapspace is not responsible or liable for any personal claim, property damages, among other things, loss of data, or personal injury.
  • 2. No claims can be brought against snapspace or any affiliates within 24 hours of the completed reservation.
  • 3. You agree to defend snapspace and it’s affiliates from any claims or litigation.
  • 4. If a claim occurs, snapspace and it’s affiliates are not responsible for any loss & damage. All claims will be settled between the Host and the Driver.
  • 5. All funds received by snapspace and it’s affiliates will remain the property of snapspace and it’s affiliates.
  • 6. By using snapspace you will be Hosting and Parking at your own risk, this includes, but is not limited to all Registered Users or Users.
  • 7. You acknowledge that you have entered into a rental agreement between Registered Users or Users which can also be defined as Hosts and Drivers.
  • 8. snapspace services allow you to rent a Space, but also requires that you abide by all local codes, laws, various neighborhood policies which includes, but is not limited to HOA’s.
  • 9. You agree not to use snapspace while driving. In the event of an accident you agree to relieve snapspace of any and all liability from the event.
  • 10. snapspace and it’s affiliates can terminate your ability to use our services at any time without reason.
  • 11. Upon termination from snapspace you cannot create a new account and use our services.
  • 12. As a Registered User or User you are solely responsible for the accuracy and validity of the information provided, this is not the responsibility of snapspace.


  • 1. All funds are transacted through Stripe.
  • 2. Payments will be allocated to Hosts on a weekly basis from Stripe.
  • 3. Reference www.Stripe.com for additional details on their Payment Service Agreement.

Parking Rates:

  • 1. You agree to pay the full reservation price shown on snapspace which includes the parking rate and service fees
  • 2. snapspace does not collect taxes to applicable authorities.
  • 3. Users are responsible for their applicable accrued taxes.
  • 4. Prices are determined by the Host and can change at the discretion of the Host.
  • 5. As a Registered User or User of snapspace you agree to pay a percentage of the parking fee to snapspace as a service fee.


  • 1. Reserving a Space means that you agree to pay the advertised price offered by the Host and thus are subject to snapspace’s cancellation policy.
  • 2. Fines and fees may vary based on the cost of the Space and notice you give to the Host.

Promotional Use:

  • 1. You agree to allow snapspace to use any media or quotes for promotional reasons.
  • 2. snapspace is authorized to advertise and promote your space or experience to existing or prospective Users