Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters. At snapspace we feel that it’s important to educate you on our policies regarding your personal information. This includes, but is not limited to our website, app and all affiliates. Using any of snapspace’s services means that you agree to and are bound to these policies. snapspace reservices the right to make any changes necessary to our Privacy Policy without giving notice to the User.

  • 1. snapspace is a “web” and “app” service that allows car owners “drivers” to obtain convenient and reasonably priced parking from space owners “hosts.”
  • 2. Being a Registered User or User of snapspace requires that you include, but is not limited to the following information; first and last name, phone number, vehicle information, address, email address, credit card, debit card, bank information, or any other voluntary information provided to us by you.
  • 3. This information is known as “Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII.” It is your right to choose to not provide snapspace with your PII, however if you choose to not provide us with this information you not have access to our services.
  • 4. Upon registration and providing your PII our servers automatically record and log your data. Upon logging this information snapspace utilizes “web beacons” and “cookies” to transfer to your computer for the sake of record keeping.
  • 5. snapspace has partnered with Stripe to collect financial information. For more details on their terms, conditions and policies please reference their website at
  • 6. By using snapspace’s services you are granting permission for Stripe to access your personal information.
  • 7. Unless otherwise noted we will re-use your payment information provided for future transactions.
  • 8. Information given to us by our users (PII) is valuable information for any business. In the event of any changes with snapspace (ie. selling, going out of business or various other scenarios) snapspace will take the necessary steps to maintain your privacy rights.
  • 9. If you have inquiries on any of this information please reach out to [email protected]