• For our Hosts:
  • How much can I charge for my space

    - This is depends on several factors such as convenience of your location (ie. close to Universities/Colleges, concert or sports venues, shopping, etc…). By being in geographically desirable areas you can charge more than a host that isn’t. If you’re having a hard time choosing the correct rate, reach out to us for a recommendation at [email protected]

  • Do I need a smart phone to use snapspace?

    - Absolutely not! If you have internet access and can log onto snapspaceofficial.com you can register with us in a snap!

    - Already registered with us? Not a problem, head over to snapspaceofficial.com to host your space or be our guest to instantly select the best parking available!

  • What if I don’t own my home and rent instead? Can I still host my extra parking spaces?

    - Of course! As a tenant we recommend your reference your rental/leasing agreement or receive approval from your landlord before your begin your cashflow journey

  • My area requires a permit to park on my street, am I still able to host?

    - In this particular case you cannot. Historically cities own these permits and don’t allow “registered permit” parking to be rented or sold to others.

  • I’m a registered host, now what?

    - This is where the fun begins! As a member of the snapspace community, the cleanest, safest, and simplest to spaces to rent typically result in better reviews and greater occupancy. So what’s that mean? You’re officially a contributing member of the community and making money!

  • When and how do I get paid?

    - After registering and setting up your listing you will be prompted to select your preferred method of payment.

    Receiving payment can vary, however 4-10 days is typical.

  • What if my guest damaged my property?

    - You are liable for damages done at your property. Snapspace is a community that operates off a rating system of individuals who value this service. Regardless of your experience with your guests we encourage all of our hosts and renters to regularly write reviews to help the snapspace community in continuing to offer the best experience possible.

  • Does snapspace have a refund/cancellation policy?

    - Yes. If cancelling over 24 hours in advance there is NO PENALTY.

    - If cancelling within 24 hours the penalty is equal to the value of the reservation up to $6

  • For our Guests:
  • What if I want to add more time to my reservation?

    - Absolutely, simply select “extend my time” on your snapspace app. If you cannot select the “extend my time” option that means your reservation will no longer be available once your time expires.

  • Do I still have to pay the full value of the reservation even if I leave early?

    - Your payment will be scheduled for processing the moment your reservation is made. Unfortunately you still need to pay the full amount of the agreed upon rate.

  • What if my time expires before I physically leave my space?

    - Snapspace has your back. We’ll notify you 10 minutes before your time expires.

    - In a bind and need more time? Simply select the “extend my time” option in your snapspace app. If you cannot select the “extend my time” option that means your reservation will no longer be available once your time expires.

  • Does snapspace have a cancellation policy?

    If a reservation is 24 hours or less:

    • - Cancelled under 24 hours from the reservation start time - no refund.
    • - Cancelled over 24 hours from the reservation start time - full refund.

    If a reservation is 24 hours or more:

    • - Drivers have a 24 hour grace period from the time the reservation is made to cancel their reservation (applies only when cancellation request is made 24 hours or more before reservation start time).
    • - Cancelled under 24 hours - 75% refund

    If a host cancels, driver's receive a 100% refund.

    For our Hosts::

    • - Any cancellation results in a lower cancellation rate, preventing you from receiving PowerHost status. If you have more than 4 cancellations in a one month period, your account may result in a suspension.